Institutional Trading Platforms

GCM Prime’s institutional level platforms give clients access to state-of-the-art technology for superior trading performance, precise market analysis and efficient account management. Our proprietary tools are designed to save time and add value by providing Front, Middle and Back Office support for active traders.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Enhance every trade in the FX, CFD and Futures markets.

MT4 provides advanced opportunities to access valuable research, automate exchanges and manage orders for improved trade performance.

  • STP/DMA Execution: Execute orders through our network automatically and instantly as a direct result of competitive market bids and offers.
  • Expert Advisor Hosting: Benefit from efficient, automated trading processes with Meta Quotes Language 4 (MQL4)integrated programming.
  • Free Resources: Enjoy additional trading tools, news and EA hosting at no charge to you. We provide a competitive advantage to maximize your trading experience.
  • Mobile Trading: Trade anytime, anywhere with GCM Prime’s MT4 Platform. It contains all the functionality of the client terminal with the added ability to trade on the go from your mobile device.

VT Trader

Organize your virtual desk with this comprehensive, Front-Office platform.

With VT Trader’s built-in, customizable features you can efficiently track every trade.

  • Charting Package: Access technical, personalized data for advanced market analysis.
  • Direct Trading: Follow your trades, set limits and easily adjust orders based on your established strategy with direct trading from Forex charts.
  • Flexible Style: Customize the interface to match your methods. Organize charts, adjust layouts and use features in the way that suits your style.
  • Technical Indicators: Use advanced indicators or add your own to create a high-value trading experience.

Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol

Optimize trading activity with the industry’s leading real-time electronic communications tool.

When it comes to trading, time really is money. With FIX, you’ll make every millisecond count.

  • Direct Market Access: Increase trade velocity with electronic trading tools that provide instant order book access for your trading activities.
  • Low-Latency transactions: Maximize every opportunity to increase profitability by putting time on your side.

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  • FCA Regulated
    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
    GCM Prime is fully licensed and regulated to deliver full-service online trading and investment across global financial markets.
  • FCA Regulated
    Proprietary Platforms
    Choose from a broad suite of powerful trading platforms for front, middle and back office needs.
  • FCA Regulated
    Turnkey White Labels
    Offer our customizable online-trading capabilities and business solutions under your own brand, maintaining full customer control and confidentiality.
  • FCA Regulated
    Unparalleled Liquidity
    Trust our established bank relationships across the globe to provide deep liquidity pools with low-latency connectivity.

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