Brokerage Firms

Full Service Suite of Tools

GCM Prime is an ideal partner for retail brokerage firms because we work to understand what is most critical for your unique business. A focus on precise pricing, competitive brokerage charges and advanced order routing capabilities improve each client’s opportunity for executions downstream. Flexible leverage terms and revolving credit lines result in reduced capital expenditures, facilitating investments in new strategic growth areas.

Our technological solutions keep business running smoothly by providing advanced reporting tools, lower trade latency and the timely processing of deposits and withdrawals. Innovative back-office features make it easy to track affiliate spending, effectiveness and payouts. We have partnered with some of the most experienced Risk Management professionals in the industry to allow newer market participants access to decades of risk management experience by outsourcing the risk desk through us.

As a brokerage firm, the integrity of your existing counterparties is critical. For more information, We invite you to contact one of our institutional account managers to learn more about our customized solutions.


Buy-Side Money Manager

More Sophisticated Trading

At GCM Prime, we provide a number of solutions for buy-side money managers. Our advanced order routing systems allows money managers to place a wide range of flexible order types, including:

  • IOC- Immediate or Cancel
  • GTC- Good until Cancelled
  • Market
  • Hidden/Iceberg
  • Discretionary
  • Algorithmic

These advanced back-office solutions provide sophisticated asset allocation and pre- or post-trade mark ups. Commissions collected by us on a client’s behalf are readily paid within five business days.

Introducing Brokers

Refined Business Management

Referring Agents succeed with GCM Prime through higher rebates, a stronger support team, and completely catered solutions. Our team will analyze exactly what your client base needs, and IBs can run reports, see statements and rebates all in our proprietary backoffice, cAXIS. Grow your business with GCM Prime and reach the next level of successful FX Agent.

API Traders

For sophisticated traders seeking to connect via FIX API protocol, GCM Prime offers a number of opportunities. Our team works with each client to identify the optimal solution through established FIX connections that provide direct market access to customized liquidity pools with minimal latency. For those connecting with sharper flow, GCM Prime has the ability to provide an “interest only” price feed placement to ensure better executions for each client’s trading strategy.

Speak to an FX Professional

  • FCA Regulated
    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
    GCM Prime is fully licensed and regulated to deliver full-service online trading and investment across global financial markets.
  • FCA Regulated
    Proprietary Platforms
    Choose from a broad suite of powerful trading platforms for front, middle and back office needs.
  • FCA Regulated
    Turnkey White Labels
    Offer our customizable online-trading capabilities and business solutions under your own brand, maintaining full customer control and confidentiality.
  • FCA Regulated
    Unparalleled Liquidity
    Trust our established bank relationships across the globe to provide deep liquidity pools with low-latency connectivity.

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