Advance your business with GCM Prime

At GCM Prime, it is our mission to be a financial services leader in the FX and Contracts for Differences industry by providing exemplary solutions in the areas of service, technology and liquidity.

GCM Prime understands that trade optimization requires a comprehensive focus on front, middle and back office support. With decades of experience in managing FX liquidity relationships, our prime brokerage specialists deliver solutions for every trading challenge.
With our leadership position in Institutional Liquidity, GCM partners enjoy access to custom liquidity pools from large and unique liquidity providers that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. GCM Prime ensures that you trade with confidence while reducing overhead costs, supported by an experienced risk management team that delivers superior pricing across FX, CFDs, single-stock equities and more.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; FCA Register number 571881; GCM Prime offers a full line of services for our institutional partners, including White Label solutions, FIX API integrations, and classic GUI trading. Our established bank relationships provide an expansive liquidity pool with low-latency connectivity to energize your trading strategy. Trust your business to the professionals at GCM Prime.


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  • FCA Regulated
    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
    GCM Prime is fully licensed and regulated to deliver full-service online trading and investment across global financial markets.
  • FCA Regulated
    Proprietary Platforms
    Choose from a broad suite of powerful trading platforms for front, middle and back office needs.
  • FCA Regulated
    Turnkey White Labels
    Offer our customizable online-trading capabilities and business solutions under your own brand, maintaining full customer control and confidentiality.
  • FCA Regulated
    Unparalleled Liquidity
    Trust our established bank relationships across the globe to provide deep liquidity pools with low-latency connectivity.

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